LLC applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. Some LLCs fill more quickly due to the high number of quality and early applicants. Another reason some applicants do not get accepted into an LLC is because of a weak application response or missing a response to an application question. Please be thoughful and intentional in your response as to why you desire to be in a particular LLC.
The LLC programmatic efforts are based on specific learning outcomes designed for each LLC identity. The LLC advisory team, Residence Director and your Resident Assistant will be coming up with creative ways to engage the community regardless of COVID-19 or not. You should expect your existence in the LLC to be engaging, transformative and a positive impact on your first year at Gonzaga. Rest assured that your safety is our number 1 priority when it comes to programs and community engagement.
Yes. All students will be notified by June 2nd.
We recommend waiting until you've received an acceptance email to an LLC. Once that has happened you will only be able to view other students that have been accepted to the same LLC. Do not be alarmed if that number is small, applications are still being reviewed and students will be accepted until the June 1 deadline.
Unfortunately, no. On your application, you were informed that if you applied to and were accepted into an LLC, that acceptance would supersede all other building and roommate preferences.
Decisions are being made on a rolling basis and accepts will be sent every Friday.
We encourage you to discern the answer to this question on your own, evaluating what is best for you and your lived Gonzaga experience. Honors and all other LLC programs are highly intentional when it comes to community and experiential opportunities. We are proud of our Honors living area in Crimont Hall as well as our other LLC areas. We welcome you to review the best option for you.
There is no cost to apply or to be a part of the LLC.
Learns 2 Lead and Cura Personalis are the most popular LLCs and, year after year, fill the most quickly. We recommend you apply to at least 1 other LLC of interest to you.