Psychiatric Services

Health & Counseling Services offers psychiatric services for Gonzaga students. More information about these services is available below.

Scheduling Availability

Our board-certified psychiatrist is a part-time team member at Health & Counseling Services, offering 20 hours of service per week for our Gonzaga students.

Appointments are typically available within one to two weeks, though we strongly recommend that you plan ahead and schedule in advance of your medications running out.

Psychiatric services are only available during the academic year (mid-August through mid-May). Although Health & Counseling Services summer providers do have limited ability to provide medication refills, your care may need to be transferred to a community provider during this time. 

In order to best serve the needs of our campus at large, open-ended or extended medication services are limited and cannot be routinely offered. Generally, medication maintenance services will be transferred to our family physicians when clinically appropriate. We can also assist you in finding a provider in the community.

Costs for Psychiatric Care

There is a small charge for psychiatry visits at Health & Counseling Services. These costs are listed below:

  • Intake (generally 45-60 minutes) - $40
  • Follow-up appointment (generally 30 minutes) - $30
  • Medication check (generally 15 minutes) - $15

For more information about how billing works in our office, please visit our Billing page.

ADHD/ADD Medication at Health & Counseling Services

If you have never been diagnosed with ADHD/ADD before:

1. You will need a comprehensive neuropsychological assessment by a psychologist or psychiatrist. We can assist you in locating assessment centers in the Spokane area

2. Results must be received prior to scheduling your first appointment.

3. You will need to agree to the medication contract.

If you have a diagnosis of ADHD/ADD from a psychologist or psychiatrist and would like to transfer your care to Health & Counseling Services:    

1. You will need to send us your medical records showing diagnosis and treatment history before your first appointment.  These records should include your neuropsychological assessment or testing.

2. Records must be received prior to scheduling your first appointment.

3. Records must show continuity of treatment for the past year.

4. You will need to agree to the medication contract.

If you have a diagnosis of ADHD from a physician other than a psychiatrist, or you have been diagnosed in the past 5 years but have not had recent treatment, your case will be considered on an individual basis.  Please follow the above process of sending us your medical records and we will review your specific circumstances.

If you do not meet the above criteria we can assist you in locating a provider in the community.

No Show Fees

Please be aware that if you have a scheduled an appointment and you fail to cancel in a timely manner, you will be charged a fee of $30 or $40 for that missed appointment. That fee will be charged to your student account.

  • $30 – Counseling, Psychiatry follow-up, Low Complexity Medical appointments
  • $40 – Psychiatry intake, Physical Exam, Women’s Health, Moderate Complexity Medical appointments

Timeframe for canceling appointments:

  • Medical or Psychiatric Appointment: 2 hours before appointment
  • Counseling Appointment: 1 business day before appointment