Gonzaga Day: A History

Since 2012, Gonzaga Day has celebrated what it truly means to be a Zag for life – full of gratitude, pride and a willingness to help those in need.

You know that the “Gonzaga Experience” is something special. It continues well past graduation and doesn’t stop once you’ve attained your academically challenging, faith-driven degree. No matter where you are in life, there will always be opportunities for lifelong learning and ways to support future Zags.

On Gonzaga Day, Zags have participated in:

  • Game-watch events in cities and chapter locations around the world
  • Special and exciting halftime performances and presentations
  • Service opportunities
  • Giving challenges to ensure Gonzaga’s impact continues for current and future Zags
  • And engaged with Zag Nation through social media

Click the links and videos below to see how we celebrated previous Gonzaga Days and learn more about this significant day in Gonzaga’s history:

2019 Gonzaga Day

For Gonzaga Day 2019, Zags all around the world gathered to celebrate Gonzaga’s Mission of service to others and the 20th anniversary of the Mission Possible Program.

2018 Gonzaga Day

Gonzaga Day 2018 Zags around the world celebrated what it means to be a Zag at regional game watches across Zag Nation. 

2017 Gonzaga Day

Gonzaga Day 2017 included the first ever Gonzaga Day Giving Challenge that raised over $250,000 for scholarships.

2016 Gonzaga Day

For Gonzaga Day 2016, we celebrated academic innovation—the way a Gonzaga education pushes limits and provides the foundation for Zags to do incredible things. 


2015 Gonzaga Day

Click here for more videos from Gonzaga Day 2015

2014 Gonzaga Day

2013 Gonzaga Day


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