Suspended Students Guide

The suspension begins immediately upon distribution of your notification letter which means you must stop attending classes and vacate University property. If you reside in University-owned/operated housing, your notification letter will contain information about the check out procedure. Once you have checked out, you must vacate University property immediately.

It’s important to utilize good judgment during this time frame as allegations of University policy violations may result in immediate imposition of conduct outcomes.


Students who have received notification of suspension from Gonzaga University for conduct-related incidents are not eligible to withdraw or take a leave of absence from the University. Both of these options represent a voluntary separation from the institution and once you receive notice of suspension, you will have already been involuntarily separated.


It is important to follow proper check-out procedures when leaving your room/suite/apartment.  For more information about Housing and Residence Life check-out procedures, please contact your Residence Director or the Housing and Residence Life Office.


Information on the appeals process and an appeal submission form can be found in the Student Code of Conduct. Appeals must be filed within five (5) days of the date of a written decision.


If you choose to submit an appeal, you will receive confirmation that the appeal has been received by the Resolution Center for Student Conduct and Conflict. This notice of confirmation will include the status of conduct outcomes, which may or may not allow you to go to class or reside in University-owned/operated housing. Sometimes the Resolution Center for Student Conduct and Conflict determines that allowing you to attend class or remain in University housing presents an unreasonable danger to any person or property or is disruptive to the University’s living/learning environment or doing so is inconsistent with the institution’s Title IX obligations.


In the event you submit an appeal, the Resolution Center for Student Conduct and Conflict will make arrangements for the appropriate appeals reviewers. An appeal decision is rendered within fifteen business days of submitting your written appeal. You will receive written notification of the decision. The appeal decision is final and effective immediately.


The Resolution Center for Student Conduct and Conflict will contact the Registrar’s Office to cancel your classes. Our office will also contact other departments such as Financial Aid, Housing and Residence Life Office, Information Technology, Academic Advising and Assistance, etc. to make those offices aware of your status.


Gonzaga University IT services will be de-activated within 5 business days of the effective date of your suspension, or immediately upon receipt of an appeal decision. Services will be re-activated should you return to Gonzaga University.


Main campus students may be eligible for a tuition adjustment through the Student Accounts office based on refund schedules set by the University.  For more information, visit the Tuition Adjustment Schedules website or contact the Student Accounts office at (509) 313-6812. 



For students living on-campus, room charges and meal plans will be prorated in the Student Accounts office based on refund schedules set by the University. Contact the Student Accounts office for information. 

Once you are suspended, you are not permitted to be on campus. If you need permission to be on campus for a short time, you must contact the Resolution Center for Student Conduct and Conflict to request permission and escort. If you are found on campus without permission, you can be arrested for trespassing.

Academic transcripts can be ordered through the Office of the Registrar.


You may apply to any school other than Gonzaga University during your suspension period. Admission to another institution is subject to their guidelines and enrollment policies.

If you are considering a request to return to Gonzaga University following a suspension, complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid for the aid year in which you plan to return. 

A suspended student’s financial aid package will be determined after re-admission acceptance has been finalized and the Financial Aid Office has received all required financial aid paperwork and documentation.  For more information, contact the Financial Aid Office at 509-313-6582.


If you decide you want to request a return to Gonzaga University following your suspension, please complete the following steps:

  • Submit a Re-entry Request to the Resolution Center for Student Conduct and Conflict for semester you are requesting to return, based on the scheduled below. Your request must include a written reflection and any additional, required documentation for outcomes you were to complete prior to requesting a return to Gonzaga. Please plan accordingly as it may take more than three weeks to complete the process. Requests can be submitted no earlier than the following dates: 
    • July 1st to return for the Fall Semester 
    • November 15th to return for the Spring Semester
  • Once your materials have been received and reviewed, you will be contacted by the Resolution Center for Student Conduct and Conflict to schedule a review meeting with the staff member. In this meeting, you will review your submitted materials, reflect over your time away, and discuss strategies and resources to successfully re-enter the Gonzaga community. The meeting can be completed via phone or in person, depending on your location and availability. Once your request to return has been approved, you will move to the next step in the process, which is to re-apply to Gonzaga University.


Last Updated: 7/13/2020


Students who have been suspended for conduct-related incidents must re-apply to Gonzaga University. Once you have received clearance from the Resolution Center for Student Conduct and Conflict, complete the Quick Application for Students Returning or Reapplying. If you have attended another university during your suspension, you will be required to submit a College Report and transcripts.


A suspension from the University may put you at risk for not meeting Gonzaga University’s residency requirement. Undergraduate students with fewer than four semesters of living in University-owned housing are required to reside in University-owned housing and participate in associated meal plans unless residency restrictions have been assigned through the Resolution Center for Student Conduct and Conflict. Additionally, residency restriction assigned through the Resolution Center for Student Conduct and Conflict may require students with more than four semester semesters of living in University-owned housing to continue residing in University-owned housing. Please review conduct outcome notifications or contact the Resolution Center for Student Conduct and Conflict for information.

During the return process, the Resolution Center for Student Conduct and Conflict will put you in contact with the Housing and Residence Life office (509-313-4103).  Following acceptance of your re-admission offer you will be able to discuss housing options with a member of the housing staff to identify living options available and best suited for your return to campus.


There are several resources available to make sure you are on track for your academic program. Once you accept your re-admission offer, you will receive information about registering for classes, as well as other information about your re-admissions to Gonzaga University. If you cannot reach your assigned academic advisor, please contact Academic Advising and Assistance. You may want to consider contacting your academic advisor before your departure from campus to discuss your academic plan.