Client Counseling

A Competition That Will Challenge You

The Client Counseling Competition challenges students to apply what they have learned to situations typical of ones they will confront in practice.

Students work in pairs and participate in a simulated interview situation with a potential client who is experiencing legal problems. The competition underscores the importance of providing clients appropriate legal counsel and the need to combine legal knowledge with a sensitive, empathetic approach.

Before the Competition

  • A seminar is held before the competition to discuss client interviewing techniques and provide general information regarding the competition itself.
  • All students who want to participate in the competition are required to attend this seminar.
  • The competition does not require preparation beforehand. Expect to think and act on your feet.

What to Expect

  • During the competition, students working in pairs participate in a simulated interview with a client who is experiencing problems.
  • The students must interview the client, identify his or her problems, and provide appropriate advice.
  • The client’s problems are similar to those dealt with by attorneys in a general practice
  • Competition events last between two and three successive nights over a one-week period.
  • Each team participates in at least one rounds.

Who Competes?

  • This competition is open to all Gonzaga Law students, although the majority of participants are in their first year of law school.

To Learn More

  • E-mail Moot Court
  • Lisa Bradley, Faculty Adviser