Business Student Learning Outcomes

Undergraduate Business Student Learning Outcomes


  • Cost Analysis: Analyze an organization's costs.
  • Microeconomics Analysis: Analyze changes in equilibrium prices and quantities in a supply-and-demand framework.


  • SWOT Analysis: Identify and synthesize core issues in analyzing a complex business scenario.
  • Information Systems Analysis: Identify components of information systems and explain the relationships between them.
  • Ethical Decision Making: Identify ethical and social justice issues as they arise in the practice of business, and provide informed, well-reasoned assessments and solutions for those issues.
  • Operations Analysis: Understand and value the role of operations and apply its key principles and practices to an organization. 


  • Financial Statement Analysis: Prepare and interpret basic general purpose financial statements.
  • Oral Presentation Proficiency: Prepare and present an independent oral presentation.
  • Professional Writing Proficiency: Create a well-written document on a business topic.


  • Data Analysis: Use proper tools to analyze and interpret data and effectively communicate their findings.
  • Diversity Analysis: Consider perspectives of different groups when making business-related decisions