Environmental scientists in a canoe on a lake.

Environmental Studies

ENVS Spring 2020 Senior Capstone Projects Online!

Computer screen displays student poster work.

This year ENVS 499 students demonstrate their ability to adapt to change under challenging situations. Each student prepared their capstone poster projects in a website format.

Each year, Gonzaga’s Center for Community Engagement (CCE) as part of Partners in Campus and Community Engagement (PICCE) invites students and their mentors (faculty, staff and/or community partners) to present their collaborative work to build a better Spokane at the Student Symposium on Community Engagement. The event convenes students and their mentors to present posters describing their work and detailing its impact on our community. Our celebration highlights the impact of community-based learning on both students and Spokane-area partners.

About Environmental Studies Program

The Environmental Studies Program connects science with study of the historical, social, ethical, legal and political issues that affect our natural world and how we interact with it. We explore topics such as environmental chemistry, conservation, protection and economics, while providing a broad education in the social sciences and humanities.

With more than a dozen national parks and recreation areas within a day’s drive of Gonzaga, we offer firsthand study of well-known natural landmarks — like Yellowstone National Park and Glacier National Park — and environmentally significant historical events, such as the glacial floods that passed through Spokane 10,000 years ago. Extracurricular activities such as Gonzaga Environmental Organization, Marian Hall Outdoor Adventure and Leadership Theme Community, and Gonzaga Outdoors offer students further opportunities to learn about the environment by experiencing it.

A degree in environmental studies can be used for careers in government, the nonprofit sector, law and business. Our graduates have pursued opportunities within universities, Departments of Ecology and Natural Resources, Parks and Wildlife, municipalities and many environmental organizations. Some students will consider a Sustainable Business minor (see the course catalog) from the School of Business Administration. The intention is to have these courses work together across disciplines to give students the necessary background in both business and environmental studies. The program is also preparation for graduate study.

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