Conzaga University Communication on Coronavirus

Sent February 24, 2020

Dear Parent and Families of Gonzaga Students Studying Abroad,

As many of you are aware the Coronavirus, COVID-19, has expanded outside of Asia. Europe, specifically northern Italy, has seen an increase in the number of cases. Gonzaga is aware of this and we continue to monitor the situation where Zags are studying abroad at.

At this point we are encouraging students to re-consider travel outside of the countries in which they are studying abroad (e.g., Jordan, South Africa, Chile, etc.).

Additionally, Gonzaga is using our Alert Travel system for communication and students can request assistance through the app or via text or email. If your student has not registered with the app, we request your help to make sure that we have them register, as this will become one of our main forms of communication during this time.

We are monitoring the situation and will communicate with you and your students and their families as the situation develops.

Richard Menard
Senior International Officer Director, Center for Global Engagement