Virtual GEL FAQ

Questions about Virtual GEL? Find answers here!

All admitted students and their parents or guardians.


Absolutely! Please fill out the brief registration form here. You will receive an immediate confirmation email with guidance on how to get started.


We encourage you to watch the welcome videos first, to be welcomed, learn some context for the program, and receive some logistical instructions. Here is a link to the rest of the agenda.


The Zoom platform is going to make this program possible. If you’ve never done a Zoom meeting before, learn how here! Zoom links for Virtual GEL will be available on April 18. 


The Office of Admission will have a Zoom available all day. You may pop in at any time to ask a question! You may also call 509-313-6572.


During Virtual GEL, we will offer approximately 20 Open Houses of programs and student support services in live Zoom sessions. Click on the Zoom link for the program to join their Open House, and that will connect you with program leaders and current students in the meeting. You may ask questions, listen to other conversations, or both! Zoom Meeting links will be available on 4/18.


They are so fun! You join the Zoom, and in small groups you are assigned to a breakout session with a student ambassador. With the small group, you get an easier opportunity to meet other admitted students as well as a current Zag. Ask the student ambassador anything! They are there to chat and answer your questions. In order to accommodate everyone, and to give you time for the concurrent Open Houses, each small group will meet for approximately 20 minutes. 


To successfully manage the number of people registered for GEL through Zoom, we are offering the same presentations back-to-back. One presentation is on the experience of transitioning into Gonzaga and college life in general. It is for both students and parents/guardians. The other presentation is on holistic health and wellness at Gonzaga. It is also for both students and parents/guardians. We recommend attending one at 11:30 am and the other at 12:15 pm.


Many students are interested in more than one academic program, particularly those who are still deciding on a major. We wanted to make sure you have the opportunity to learn about more than your intended major. Please choose whichever two interest you most. Some guidelines:

  1. The nursing information session is for students already admitted to nursing. We recommend pre-health sciences if you are interested in health care and not admitted to the nursing program.
  2. Any student can participate in music, theater, and dance regardless of major. If you have an interest in the performing arts, be sure to attend one of those sessions!
  3. Don’t forget we have a fantastic computer science program within The School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.
  4. The session on the College of Arts and Sciences is the most comprehensive, as it will cover everything from Art to Writing, including pre-professional tracks like pre-law.
  5. The School of Education will focus on teacher certification in the first presentation, and switch to Sport Management in the second presentation.

The Financial Aid office will be available for general questions through an Open House from 10 to 11:30 am. If you would like to review your financial aid award with a counselor in a private setting, please schedule an appointment here. Our financial aid counselors would love to help you! 


The large number of people participating in Virtual GEL make it hard to ask a question aloud. Please use the chat function in Zoom, as someone will be assigned to moderate the chat and ensure your questions are answered.


Key contact information for each program, office, and academic program is posted on this site below each virtual session you attend. The web pages will remain up for your reference after the event, so you can always return to find the person you were talking to or presented.


Absolutely! We will be happy to host you for as much as you can attend.


We intend to record the presentations and keep them available for people who missed the live version.


We are aware of “Zoom Bombing” and share your concern. If a meeting has any issues, presenters are instructed to shut it down. Please wait a minute and then rejoin the meeting.


Be sure to join ZeeMee, an app for your phone. It’s the best way to meet other students who are admitted or already planning to be Zags in the fall!


That’s right! We have more than live programming presented to you on the Virtual GEL web pages. There are many other items to help you learn more about the Gonzaga community, and how to Zag. For example, Salmon Wednesdays in the COG are everyone’s favorite, and we have provided the recipe to you! Also, DJ Desmet is notorious for playing music for campus out of his residence hall window. You can see one of his playlists on the page.

As for winning prizes, there are two ways. First, you will be able to play the Flappy Spike! game. Post a screen grab of your highest score on Instagram with #BeAZag. The highest score will win! (Note – the Flappy Spike game is in a virtual campfire with s’mores to honor the “S’mores by the Shore” tradition during on-campus GEL.) Second, show us your artistic skills! You can color in one of the Gonzaga-themed coloring pages, and post it on Instagram with #BeAZag to win some swag!


We would love to meet with you. Please request any other virtual meetings and a visit at