Gonzaga University is intentional about student support and development. To further explain this part of a GU education, the two presentations during this 90 minute session are “The Transition to College Life for Students and Families” and “Well-Being at College: Helping Students Thrive.

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The Transition to College Life for Students and Families

Please pardon our recording on this one. We have made the audio and slides available below, but unfortunately our Zoom recording did not capture them both together.

Kelly Alvarado-Young, Director of First Year Experience Programs
Amy Swank, Director of Parent & Family Relations

First-Year Experience Programs and Parent and Family Relations 

Kelly and Amy will speak about the transition to college life for students and families after high school.

Contacts: and

Well-Being at College: Helping Students Thrive

Kristiana Holmes, Director of Health and Counseling Services
Nicola Mannetter, Director of the Center for Cura Pursonalis

Health and Counseling Services and Center for Cura Pursonalis

Kristiana and Nicola will speak about how Gonzaga students are supported in all aspects of their well-being by caring for the whole person. and