Community Restoration in Action

Community Restoration in Action 

Community Restoration in Action is an optional program designed for students on Conduct Probation. The assignments and reflective exercises provide opportunities for positive and restorative engagement. Students can begin this program at any point.

Students who successfully complete the program are eligible to be removed from conduct probation no less than three months after being placed on that status. Students who are found responsible for further violations while on Conduct Probation may not be eligible to be removed early. We look forward to your participation and want to be a resource as you journey through this program. 

Program Requirements

Mentorship by Faculty or Staff

Select a University faculty or staff member with whom you are acquainted with and is willing to serve as your mentor. Give the included letter to your mentor so they understand their role. Request they confirm participation by signing the letter. While engaging in this program, you should meet with your mentor a minimum of five times. At the conclusion of your meetings, your mentor will need to write a recommendation letter for you to include in your packet.

Service to the Community

Gonzaga students live of leadership and service to the common good by building community and improving the lives of others. Complete 30 hours of service to a non-profit organization in the surrounding community. Have a supervising professional confirm your hours on the enclosed form for your packet.

University Engagement

Positive engagement opportunities are plentiful at Gonzaga. Attend five University events or demonstrate new active membership in a student club or organization. Have a staff member facilitating the event, or the advisor of the organization, sign the enclosed form for your packet.

Discerning Your Path

Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Society of Jesus, integrated the practice of discernment into his life and it is a foundational part of Jesuit spiritual life. The practice provides insight into God given gifts and how one’s gifts can be used towards making the world a better place. This program requirement includes meeting with a University Ministry representative to discuss discernment and develop a reflective practice. A follow up meeting is necessary to explore your progress into the practice of discernment. Include your reflections in your packet.

Reflection and Review

Once you have completed the first four requirements and have been conduct probation no less than three months, submit your packet with all documents, including your final reflection, and schedule a meeting with a staff member in the Resolution Center for Student Conduct and Conflict. Through this process, it is expected that you can articulate the growth and development you have experienced through the program. 


To learn more, reach out to your Conduct Officer or contact the Resolution Center for Student Conduct and Conflict.