Team Members

GU RoboSub is a place where all students with a passion for engineering and robotics can work together to create unique solutions to complex problems and challenges.

We are a team of zealous innovators who strive every year to build and perfect an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV).  We focus on collaboration not only to further our own knowledge, but also to provide each team member with valuable hands on experience.

For the past two summers, our Robosub team has participated in an international competition in San Diego, California, and we're on fire to use what we've learned to build a more capable, and more reliable robot faster than ever before.

Marissa Encarnacion (’21)
Mechanical Team
Jasmine Fisher (’22)
Vice President
Mechanical Team
Dr. Tim Fitzgerald
Mechanical Engineering
Club Advisor
Aaron Weber (’21)
Mission Computer Lead
Computer Science Team
Alec Wilson (’21)
Electrical Team Member
Hydrophone Project
Ben Howard (’22)
Computer Science Lead
Machine Learning Team
Blaine Atkins (’22)
Electrical Team Lead
Brandon Takahashi (’21)
Embedded Systems Lead
Computer Science Team
Drew Feucht (’21)
Electrical Team
Hydrophones Project
Ethan Higa (’23)
Computer Science Team
Machine Learning Team
Jalen Tacsiat (’21)
Computer Science Team
Mission Computer Team
Joci Anderson (’23)
Electrical Team
Kevin Mattappally (’20)
Former Embedded Systems Lead
Nora El Naby (’22)
Machine Learning Lead