About Us

Student Involvement and Leadership (SIL) is comprised of 5 micro-departments (CSI, Student Media, GU Outdoors, PCLD and TVRAS). The five areas have their own staff, offices and budgets, but come together to collaborate and share ideas and all report up to the Assistant Dean for Student Involvement and Leadership. SIL has bi-annual trainings and meets as a collective group every two weeks to share updates and resources, join in professional development opportunities, and learn from each other.  We are a student-centered, student driven department dedicated to empowering Gonzaga University students to create and partake in experiences which foster learning and development, preparing students to be leaders in their communities and engaged citizens of the world. We cultivate programs through which students develop their whole person - intellectually, spiritually, physically, and emotionally.

Why this group of five?

Each of the five areas within SIL are dedicated to serving students and providing opportunities for students to learn and grow at GU. We are all focused on co-curricular experiences. Historically the five offices had been detached, but we have found that the staff in the offices benefit in working inside of a bigger team to learn and grow with. For example, having a staff of two, versus a team of 16 pro staff has resulted in a larger connection and sharing of ideas. Additionally, we have a shared budget manager who has been able to provide resources, guidance and support for all financial matters.

Our Team

Center for Student Involvement, Hemmingson 304 - getinvolved@gonzaga.edu

  • Dave Gilbert, Director, gilbertd@gonzaga.edu
  • Michaela Johnson, Program Coordinator, johnsonm2@gonzaga.edu
  • Shaun Holloway, Program Coordinator, holloway@gonzaga.edu
  • LaRena Rondeau, Office Manager, rondeau@gonzaga.edu
  • Andrea Taylor, Business Manager, taylora3@gonzaga.edu

Gonzaga Outdoors, Hemmingson 015 - guoutdoors@gonzaga.edu

  • David Gilbert, Assistant Director, gilbertd@gonzaga.edu
  • Matt Edenfield, Program Manager, edenfield@gonzaga.edu

Payne Center for Leadership Development, Hemmingson 203

  • Pamela Alvarado, Director, alvaradop@gonzaga.edu
  • Kirsten Bohlen, Program Coordinator, bohlen@gonzaga.edu

Student Media, College Hall 433

  • Joanne Shiosaki, Assistant Director, shiosaki@gonzaga.edu
  • Morgan Scheerer, Program Coordinator, scheerer@gonzaga.edu

Transfer, Veteran and Returning Adult Student Services, Hemmingson 211 - tvras@gonzaga.edu

  • Colleen Quinn Vandenboom, PhD, Assistant Dean of Student Involvement and Leadership, vandenboom@gonzaga.edu
  • Chelsea Collins, Program Coordinator
  • Alyssa Knight, Vetcorps Navigator, vetcorps@gonzaga.edu
  • Dustin Cassell, VA-Workstudy