Meet the Parent/Family Council



The Gonzaga Parent & Family Council, is a representative group of families who meet on campus twice annually. Their objective is to generate and maintain the goodwill and support of student families. Parent & Family Council members help to inform other families about Gonzaga and strive to promote the welfare and advancement of the institution.

We are your fellow GU parents and are here to make sure that you have the resources to make the Zag Family experience as enriching and rewarding as possible.

We also serve as Gonzaga University ambassadors in our various hometowns. We’re passionate about fostering community and shining a light on what makes the Gonzaga educational experience extraordinary.

If you have questions for the any of the Parent and Family Council email them at


Oregon Region 

The Hanselman's Story:

“The Parent and Family Council is truly an extension of each and every family that attends GU. There is no problem to small or too large for us to lend a hand if needed. We would not be involved unless it was truly an amazing group of individuals entrusted by GU to make certain that your child's experience is the best possible.”

San Jose, Northern California Region
Spokane Washington
Colorado Region
Western Washington Region
Northeast Washington Region

Oregon Region

"For us, the Gonzaga experience has been amazing. Being first generation college parents, we were a bit lost and so was our daughter for the first few months. The Parent and Family Relations department and all the activities that they sponsor were so helpful during this time that we wanted to give back. During these activities, we saw the message of service and community that infuses every department and activity at Gonzaga. This quickly grabbed our daughter’s heart and ours too. We are proud to be Zag parents and part of the council, so we can begin to give back."


San Diego-Southern California Region

The Mooney's Story:

"We are new to the Gonzaga community, and anxious to share our enthusiasm with other Southern California families. The campus is beautiful and safe. The staff is very welcoming, and always available to address any of our inquiries. Zag school spirit is HUGE!"


Arizona Region

The Parra’s Story:

“GU is different because of the focus on the individual student and their focus on the development of the individual character of that student. Parents and families feel the community oriented warmth anywhere they go on campus. Gonzaga University families and students in the Arizona Region can expect to receive that support and warmth from us as well.”