Women 4 Others

About this Learning Living Community (LLC):

"Women 4 others" stands at the heart of the Jesuit and Gonzaga mission statements. Coughlin's 4th floor is committed to living out the mission by engaging with the local and greater Spokane community in service focused organizations.  Throughout the year, residents in this community will have exclusive opportunities to engage in service that is centered around fostering a greater understanding of the importance of community service and stewardship.  If you are looking for a way to give back in college, to make a difference in a community, and to challenge your own perceptions of service, apply today!

By giving back, people learn to become caring citizens, as manifested in the Jesuit tradition.  Not only will residents in this community have the opportunity to connect and give back to the local community, residents will also have the opportunity to take a service learning course or cohort with their neighbors as they engage in their social justice journeys.  While the residence life staff will offer weekly hall programs, such as community dinners, movie reflections, community events, etc., all residents will participate in 20 hours of community service each semester to maintain eligibility on the floor.

Open to: First Years only

Additional Requirements: 20 hours of community service/semester

Key Programs/Events:

Community Service: our staff will help you find a placement in the local community that aligns with your passions.

Guest Speakers: ranging from on campus faculty to local professionals.

Core Events: connect and engage with your community over hall dinners, programs and other weekly engagements.

Benefits of this LLC:

Additional requirements: 20 hours of service per semester assisted by an experiential service course

  • Focused programming and service opportunities to benefit the local community
  • Continue to build and transform your passion and awareness of service "for and with others"
  • Direct access to the Center for Community Engagement (CCE)
  • Accountability toward service through likeminded community members

Live from the Hall:

"The programming on the floor creates a strong sense of community where we are all very inclusive and accepting of others - which resonates with the floor's values on volunteerism and serving others." - Sofia

"Women 4 Others is a great community and I can honestly say that from living on the floor I have found ways to become involved through service which I otherwise might never have had the opportunity." - Janelle

Location: Coughlin Hall, 4th Floor

Living Style: Traditional Corridor