About this Learning Living Community (LLC):

Students in this LLC will have all the social opportunities of a traditional residence hall, Lincoln House, while also having the opportunity to engage in activities and programs that are tailored to interests in the life sciences.  Through living in community with other students who share the same pre-health interests, the goal is for each student to feel supported in their classes and academic pursuits.  If you are interested in learning more about a career in the life sciences or health care professions, this LLC will provide you with opportunities to excel.

Open To: First Year, Men and Women

Additional Requirements: None

Key Programs/Events:

  • Wellness Reflections: reflect on what a future in the life sciences means to you.
  • Guest Speakers: access to events on campus, featuring local professors to world-renowned leaders in the science community.
  • Signature Events: connect and engage with your community over hall dinners, off campus treks, weekly engagements, etc.

Benefits of this LLC:

  • Large common spaces, perfect for study groups and the occasional faculty-led events
  • Priority access to campus wide pre-health programs and events
  • Convenient faculty office located in the ground level for direct pre-health advising
  • Community of peers in the same pre-health introductory courses for easy study buddies or groups

Live from the Hall:

"What is great about the Pre-Health LLC is that pre-health isn't just a major, but a lifestyle." - Dakota

"Lincoln has a wonderful environment that encourages learning and creates a family atmosphere.  Many of our events bring everyone together to share ideas and we always leave with funny stories." - Clancy

Location: Lincoln Hall

Living Style: Traditional Corridor, men and women on separate floors