About this Learning Living Community (LLC):

The Honors Program at Gonzaga is an energetic community of student and faculty scholars dedicated to the importance of intellectual inquiry and creative expression. The program provides students an enhanced liberal arts curriculum in which they are encouraged to take ownership of their learning, research agenda, and personal and professional goals. Faculty work to help cultivate the intellectual virtues and skills that will allow students to succeed according to their own terms. We strive to promote an active commitment to social justice, global awareness and engagement, interdisciplinary approaches to critical questions, collaboration, and academic excellence. As a learning community, students make connections together across courses, disciplines, and cohorts. We offer a vibrant and sustaining intellectual life both in and outside of the classroom, for our students and for the Gonzaga community as a whole.

Open To: First Year, Men and Women

Additional Requirements: Must be accepted to Gonzaga's Honors Program

Benefits and Key Events of this LLC:

  • Large common spaces for studying and socializing, accessible to all Honors students
  • Common Kitchen Facilities, so lots of baking and cooking opportunities
  • Recreational facilities
  • Direct access to Honors Faculty
  • In Hall printing
  • Honors Events, including class dinners, 60-Second Lectures, and hosting the annual Haunted House

Live from the Program:

"I love the intellectual community. Passion and curiosity are contagious and Honors lets us bounce off of each other and mix things up between majors and disciplines while we come up with ideas and just have fun!" - Sara Reed


"The times I stayed up until the wee hours with some of my dearest friends, talking philosophy or debating a topic of importance or, most importantly, sharing ourselves." - Corwin Bryan


Do you want more information about Gonzaga's Honor's Program?  Find out here.