Global Citizenship

About this Learning Living Community (LLC):

Coughlin's 5th floor is home to Gonzaga's Global Citizenship LLC.  Anyone passionate about identity development, interested in developing an understanding of social justice, and intentional about becoming a global citizen is encouraged to apply.  The hall's sequential programming is designed to encourage a reflection on the self as an intersection of identities, to foster global understanding and citizenship, and to engage and celebrate difference in community.  If your values align with the program, this LLC experience may be right for you.

Open to: First Years only

Additional Requirements: None

Key Programs/Events:

  • International Focus: become a global citizen by challenging yourself and getting to know others. The Faculty-in-Residence also lives on this floor: Dr. Torunn Haaland, an Italian professor from Norway with a ton of global experience!

  • Guest Speakers: ranging from on-campus faculty to local professionals, learn about what it means to be an intersectional individual from your unique background as well as a global citizen.

  • Core Events: connect and engage with your community over hall dinners, off-campus treks, weekly engagements, etc.

Benefits of this LLC:

  • Focused programming around what it means to engage as a global citizen
  • Interact and learn from those like you and unlike you to develop intercultural and diversity awareness
  • Direct access to some of Gonzaga's organizations, such as the Center for Global Engagement (CGE) and the Unity and Multicultural Education Center (UMEC)
  • Historically known for their involvement in cultural clubs on campus


Live from the Hall

"My RA has been transparent and honest about what college life should be.  He is accepting and open to educating us on how to accept ourselves and look out for one another." - Brian

"On 5th floor Coughlin there are opportunities unlike any other to build really strong relationships.  Our RAs are incredibly passionate about creating spaces for authentic engagement." - Bridget

Location: Coughlin Hall, 5th Floor

Living Style: Traditional Corridor, men and women in separate wings