DeSmet Charter Community

DeSmet Charter:

We, the residents of DeSmet Hall, established in 1925, hereby charter ourselves into an intentionally developed and enhanced community in cooperation with student leaders.  We are the change we want to see in the world and lead by example for other DeSmet residents and the larger Gonzaga community.  We respect all residents, staff, floor captains, Chaplains, and members of our community.  We hold residents accountable and stand up for the charter and constitution when we see behavior unbecoming of our values.  We support the needs of our community, whether academic or social.  We explore spirituality personally and in community with the guidance of our live-in Chaplain and student live-in Chaplain.  We hold our peers accountable for the professional stewardship of the facility.  We respect DeSmet as our shared home. 

We will be DeSmet residents with and for each other, bolstering and maturing our DeSmet traditions while actively engaging in leadership opportunities within and beyond the walls of DeSmet.  We will increasingly turn our attention to Gonzaga University and Spokane for opportunities to demonstrate our leadership in service to others in the powerful name of Father Pierre-Jean DeSmet, for whom this building was named.

Open to: First and Second Year Men

Additional Requirements: DeSmet Charter Application, DeSmet Charter, DeSmet Constitution

Key Programs/Events:

  • Fall Retreat:  Residents have the opportunity to bond with fellow DeSmet men and participate early in some of the long-standing DeSmet traditions.
  • Bulldog Bowl:  DeSmet men have the opportunity to play in the annual Bulldog Bowl, the traditional Catherine/Monica vs. DeSmet football game.
  • Spring Alumni BBQ:  Current students who lived in DeSmet in previous years are invited back to the hall to network with current DeSmet residents in the annual Spring BBQ.

Benefits of this LLC:

  • Increased funding for events in the hall.
  • Typically close, tight-knit community of men.
  • Live in the heart of campus.
  • Embody what it means to be a leader among men.
  • Be a part of a longstanding DeSmet tradition.

Live from the Hall:

Location: DeSmet Hall

Living Style: Traditional Corridor