Cura Personalis

About this Learning Living Community (LLC):

Coughlin's 3rd Floor is home to Gonzaga's Cura Personalis LLC.  Translated from Latin, meaning "care for the whole person," this community strives to encapsulate the values of personal and spiritual well-being through its holistic wellness programming.  Students in this community will be challenged to develop their mind, body and spirit from events that promote good study habits, healthy physical activity, and spiritual exploration.  Students interested in living in a tight-knit community that encourages balanced living in college are highly encouraged to apply!

Open to: First Years only

Additional Requirements: None

Key Programs/Events:

  • Wellness Challenges: tackle a specific facet of wellness with your peers every other week.
  • Guest Speakers: ranging from on campus faculty to local professionals.
  • Core Events: connect and engage with your community over hall dinners, programs and other weekly engagements.

Benefits of this LLC:


  • Grow in a holistic understanding of your personal development
  • Challenge yourself and others to engage in the wholeness of healthy living and well-being
  • Interact with faculty and staff from multiple disciplines concerning overall wellness 
  • Historically known for their involvement in intramural sports, group studying and spiritual development


Live from the Hall:

"The floor mates are great at helping each other.  There's a natural brotherhood that echoes throughout the entire wing." - Mason

"One of my favorite programs on the floor are the hall dinners.  They are fun and get both the girls and guys together across the wings to really celebrate and engage in Cura Personalis." - Camie

Location: Coughlin Hall, 3rd Floor

Living Style: Traditional Corridor, men and women in separate wings