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General Inquires

Phone (509) 313-3759


Susan Lee

Interim Assistant Dean of Students

Phone (509) 313-3734


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Contact Dr. Lee regarding:

  • Wellness Resources
  • Remote Learning Variances
  • Disability Accommodations
  • Attendance
  • Leave of Absence
  • Course Reduction Process
  • Other Personal Matters

Jessica Kiser

Interim Director of Academic Support and Bar Programming

Phone (509) 313-3709


Contact Professor Kiser regarding:

  • Academic Assistance
  • Exam Preparation
  • Bar Support

Vicky J. Daniels

CLE Program Coordinator/Public Service Liaison/Moot Court Travel
Interim Program Coordinator for the C.E.A.L. Division & Student Affairs, Law

Phone (509) 313-3920