October 13, 2021

Climate Girl Effect

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Wednesday, Oct 13, 2021 4:00 PM - 5:15 PM

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Center for Climate, Society, and the Environment 


Free and open to the public.


Wolff Auditorium at Jepson



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  • Sustainability
  • Global Impact

About This Event

Speakers: Carolyn Cunningham & Heather Crandall

We will discuss our recent book: Fridays, Flint, and Fire: The Climate Girl Effect that explores girls’ technofeminist activism in the climate justice movement. This activism takes the form of apps and video games, letters, protest, funktivism, launching non-profits, and lawsuits. In the current moment, girl activists challenge traditional gender boundaries as they fight for a livable future.


Carolyn Cunningham and Heather Crandall have been researching, publishing, teaching, and presenting together for years on topics of gender, technology, and social media activism. They have a chapter in the book, Social Media for Social Justice: Cyberfeminism in the Digital Village, they won a top paper award for their paper on hashtag activism that later became a journal article in Explorations in Media Ecology. They both are affiliate faculty in the Women’s and Gender Studies program at Gonzaga. As educators, Dr. Cunningham and Dr. Crandalld esigned and taught a course on Women, Communication and Leadership that turned into their edited collection, Gender, Communication, and the Leadership Gap (2017). Dr. Cunningham and Dr. Crandall are excited to share insights from their new book, Fridays, Flint, and Fire: The Climate Girl Effect