Jesuit Mission Fellowships

Jesuit Mission Fellowship

The Office of Mission and Ministry (OMM) and the Center for Undergraduate Research and Creative Inquiry (CURCI) are thrilled to co-sponsor student-faculty scholarship and/or creative inquiry addressing the four Universal Apostolic Preferences, see below.  Fellowships are to support student-faculty scholarship and/or creative inquiry at Gonzaga University that center on one of the four Universal Apostolic Preferences.    

Pictures of the four apostolic virtues-Saint Ignatius, man giving boy nag of apples, children and adults playing game, people working at a house

A full introduction to the preferences can be found at this site and document.  See below for a very brief description of the preferences. For eligibility information and application, please visit myGU.   

Apostolic Preference #1:  To show the way to God through the Spiritual Exercises and discernment ... "We resolve to collaborate with the Church in experiencing secular society as a sign of the times that affords us the opportunity to renew our presence in the heart of human history.  A mature secularized society opens up spaces for the complex dimension of human freedom, especially religious freedom." 

Apostolic Preference #2:  To walk with the poor, the outcasts of the world, those whose dignity has been violated, in a mission of reconciliation and justice ... "Accompanying  the  impoverished  requires  us  to  improve  our  studies,  our  analysis,  and  our reflection in order to understand in depth the economic, political, and social processes that generate  such  great  injustice;  we  must  also  contribute  to  the  elaboration of  alternative models."    

Apostolic Preference #3:  To accompany young people in the creation of a hope-filled future ... "It is the young who, from their perspective, can help us to understand better the epochal change that we are living and its hope-filled newness.  Today, young people are the principal protagonists of an anthropological transformation that is coming to be through the digital culture of our time, opening humanity to a new historical epoch." 

Apostolic Preference #4:  To collaborate in the care of our Common Home ... "Our collaboration should include both participating in efforts to analyze problems in depth and promoting reflection and discernment that will guide us in making decisions that help to heal the wounds already inflicted on the delicate ecological balance. We are especially concerned about areas that are so crucial for maintaining the natural equilibrium that makes life possible, such as the Amazon region; the river basins of the Congo, India, and Indonesia; and the  great  extensions  of  open  sea."   


  • Matthew Williams, Class of 2020, Mathematics Major (faculty mentor: Dr. Matthew Bolton): "A Study of the Intersections between Race and the MPAA Ratings System" 
  • Henry Widdicombe, Class of 2020, Philosophy Major (faculty mentor: Dr. Joseph Mudd): “Answering the Call of Laudato Si'” 

For eligibility information and application, please visit myGU.

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