At this pivotal moment in history all fields of human inquiry are called upon to collaborate in the Great Work of our era: to transition from a period of human devastation of the Earth to a period of symbiotic Earth-human relations.

Gonzaga Climate Center

Why a Gonzaga Center for Climate, Society, and the Environment?

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The Gonzaga Center for Climate, Society, and the Environment provides resources and opportunities to meet the unprecedented challenges facing humanity and the wider natural environment in the 21st Century.


Informed by an abiding commitment to a just society and care for the planet, the Center for Climate, Society, and the Environment serves Gonzaga University and the broader regional communities by promoting innovative, interdisciplinary scholarship, teaching, consulting and capacity building on the climate, society and the environment.

Our Teaching and Research Resource Center

This guide is a central location for resources on:

  • climate, society, and the environment, including relevant published research by Gonzaga faculty,
  • teaching resources for sustainability education,
  • journals and other publications available through the Foley Library, and more.



Nov 03

Thomas Berry’s Vision for the Earth Community

Speaker: Mary Evelyn Tucker  Thomas Berry was a historian of both western and Asian cultures...

Nov 16

Climate Crisis as Public Health Crisis: A Regional Perspective

Speakers: Bob Lutz, MD, MPH & Amber Lenhart The effects of climate change on health are...

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