The Summer 2020 Workshop Canceled.

Due to concerns related to COVID-19, all Cataldo Project workshops have been canceled.

The Cataldo Project at Gonzaga assists Eastern Washington-area college and university faculty members in exploring ways of incorporating sustainability pedagogy and curriculum into the classroom by hosting workshops that offer multi-disciplinary teaching strategies around sustainability issues, experiential learning about place, and pedagogical exercises designed to help faculty modify existing courses (or develop a new one) to incorporate sustainability themes without dislodging current course content.

Gonzaga Faculty

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Participants commit to:

  • Attend a sustainability curriculum and pedagogy workshop.
  • Modify or develop a class or assignment to incorporate sustainability or environmental issues appropriate to their field.
  • Attend a follow-up meeting to report on experiences and intellectual process.

Learning for the Cataldo Project participants will come in several forms.

Faculty will immerse themselves in basic knowledge through on-line readings prior to the workshop and formal presentations during the workshop. Topics that may be covered include the local Rathdrum watershed ecosystem, Spokane’s environmental justice and equity issues, public health consequences of sprawl, and current campus sustainability efforts. Outdoor river walks deepen ecological knowledge, and talks by local resource experts expand the educational experience. Concrete examples from Spokane and the surrounding region help to strengthen a sense of place and support imaginative connections for courses. Much learning also occurs in small and large group discussions.

Day 1 

Introduction to sustainability and its many meanings
Resource person I 
Resource person II
Lake walk led Environmental Studies and Biology
Principles of sustainability and big ideas in your discipline
Activity - Integrative Assignment, incorporating sustainability into any class
Reflection exercise

Day 2 

Sustainability on Campus - Office of Sustainability 
Campus as laboratory; Hemmingson Center Tour
Activity - sustainability and place
Small groups - creativity, experiential learning, team teaching
Campus as laboratory 2 - Maintenance and Grounds Manager 
8 ways to change a course to incorporate sustainability pedagogy or content
Resource Persons III
Small groups - creativity, experiential learning
Stewardship, Sustainability, and the Great Work 
Planning and syllabus work

The Summer 2020 Workshop Canceled.

Due to concerns related to COVID-19, all Cataldo Project workshops have been canceled.

Apply for the Summer 2020 Workshop

The cost of attendance is $250 that is collected after you have been accepted to the program*.

Workshop dates:

  • May 19-20, 2020 [NOTE: This workshop is CANCELED)
  • June 18-19, 2020 [NOTE: This workshop is CANCELED)

Included with the event:

  • Breakfast & lunch
  • Pedagogy and curriculum development materials
  • A free book related to sustainability and their discipline or interests

*With its means, Gonzaga is committed to making the Cataldo Project available to all interested faculty. A limited number of partial or full registration waivers are available. After submitting your application of interest, contact Brian Henning to request a registration waiver.

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