A Major Decision

All undergraduate students must complete at least one major and 128 credits to be eligible to graduate. Minors or multiple majors are optional. Exploring and determining a major field of study is an important choice. Professional Advisors in the Office of Academic and Assistance are here to help! Below is information about major options at Gonzaga, including resources for helping you choose. If you have questions, schedule an appointment with an advisor in AAA!



Programs of Study at GU

*Please note, not all content areas listed are offered as majors or minors. Read the information carefully!



Contact The Office of Academic Advising and Assistance to discuss your areas of interest and possible majors or minors!

Participate in UNIV 115, The Strategy of College.

Connect with the Center for Career and Professional Development

Take Action

Make an academic plan to graduation.

Declare your major(s) and/or minor!