Center for Student Academic Success

Empowering students to be active and independent learners 
in pursuit of their academic success.   

The University holds as paramount the health, safety and welfare of every member of our community. Taking steps to minimize the risk of COVID-19 infections is a shared responsibility.We are doing our part by limiting the number of people in our physical work spaces. Our professional staff are available to meet with students, staff and faculty via Zoom or phone and welcome your email messages. Connect with us today! 

The Center for Student Academic Success provides resources designed to help students succeed while learning remotely.

The following offices in
the Center for Student Academic Success
are open and fully operational: 

Academic Advising & Assistance: Professional advisors provide developmental academic advising across GU curriculum's. We assist students on a variety of topics, including, but not limited to:  
  • academic planning 

  • policy clarifications 

  • procedure navigation 

  • academic management in times of crisis 

  • transitional advising for students between majors 

  • general advising questions 

  • course withdrawal advising sessions 

  • change of major and/or minor 

If you would like to schedule a virtual appointment or talk with an advisor please contact us at or call us at 509-313-4072. 

Learning Strategies: Peer tutors and professional Learning Specialists are available to provide continued tutoring and academic coaching sessions including: 

  • subject specific tutoring 

  • time management and organization planning 

  • academic skills in studying, notetaking, reading, testing and more 

You can schedule one of these appointments by visiting our website for more options. 

Disability Access: The Professional staff are continuing the role of disability accommodation plan creation for all Gonzaga students with disabilities and student employees. Disability Access also supports faculty and staff in implementation of those accommodation plans. 

We will be offering virtual or phone meetings to continue business as usual – please call
509-313-4134 to set up a meeting.  You may also contact us at

Disability Access will be offering support tools for students, faculty and staff on our website.

Contact the Center for Student Academic Success

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