Commitment Three

Provide an Integrative Jesuit Educational Experience for our Students

Students attend class outside near the grotto

Goal 1

Meet full undergraduate financial need such that all Pell Grant recipients graduate with less than $10,000 of debt. (Target: 2021)


Goal 2

6% of entering undergraduates and 15% of graduate students will be from outside the U.S. and will be integrated into current university systems for stronger international, graduate, and undergraduate student experience and support. (Target: 2020)


Goal 3

30% of each entering undergraduate class will comprise students from racially, ethnically, or culturally diverse populations, including international students (using federally-defined categories). (Target: 2020)


Goal 4

80% of undergraduate students will engage in and reflect upon their internship, cooperative education, social entrepreneurship, or social enterprise during their time at Gonzaga. (Target: 2020)


Goal 5

90% of undergraduate students successfully transition to their next educational, professional or vocational stage within one year of graduation, and at least 10% of these are engaged in an innovative or entrepreneurial venture. (Target: 2020)


Goal 6

10% of students regularly enter formal post-graduate service (JVC, Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, etc.). (Target: 2020)


Goal 7

Recognized nationally as a university that focuses on resiliency, well-being and healthy living by 2020.


Goal 8

Strengthen the durability and competitiveness of all Division I intercollegiate programs to differentiate Gonzaga as a nationally-recognized athletic institution. In particular, the University will support its successful men’s and women’s basketball programs in an effort to maintain and improve the competitive position these create for the University. (Target: 2022)


Goal 9

Community engagement and community-based partnerships will increase from 9% to 18% and ensure every student who wants a quality civic engagement learning experience will be offered the opportunity. (Target: 2022)


Goal 10

Ensure that all students are afforded structured opportunities to engage in High-Impact Educational Practices. (Target: 2020)