MyConnect App

What is MyConnect?

MyConnect is an application (available on iOS and Android as Blackboard Connect) that enables users to subscribe to emergency notifications issued by Gonzaga University and have them sent via phone call, email and/or text message.

There is also a web-based portal to manage your MyConnect account.

Who should use MyConnect?

The MyConnect App, the App displays as Blackboard Connect, is perfect for parents, family and friends, community members and campus partners that are unable to sign up for ZagAlert, but still want to receive emergency communications in real time.  Students, staff, and faculty can also create a MyConnect account if they are interested in the app's increased functionality.

To get notifications from MyConnect:

  1. Find and download the free Blackboard Connect app from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android).
  2. Open the app, and the welcome screen will prompt you to sign up or log in. If this is your first time using the app, select “Sign Up” and enter your information as prompted.
  3. A confirmation email containing an Authentication Code will be sent to the email address you provide. Check your email and enter the code into the app.
  4. After entering the Authentication code, you will be asked to login using the credentials you just created.
  5. If you need help navigating the app, select the option to “Tour the App” when you login for the first time, or refer to the User Manual provided below.
  6. Allow the app to see your current location if you would like to receive location-based notifications.
  7. Add your phone number to your profile by selecting the “My Contact” tab and then selecting the Add Phone icon near the top of the screen. This will allow you to get notifications by phone and text message.
  8. Navigate to the “Find” tab to the right of the “My Contact” tab.
  9. Search for and select Gonzaga University.
  10. After selecting GU, the app will offer you a site to subscribe to. Select “Gonzaga University Zag Alert.”
  11. Emergency Notifications will be automatically selected and cannot be unselected. Emergency notifications are sent to provide information that is critical to life safety or security. You can select the phone, SMS, or email icons to set up your preferences for receiving messages. They will be orange when active and grey when inactive.
  12. You can also chooses to subscribe to Outreach communications, and tailor how you receive that information, by clicking on the outreach categories. Outreach messages are used to communicate important information but is not considered critical to life safety or security.
  13. You are now successfully subscribed to emergency notifications from Gonzaga University.

Prefer to register online?

You may also sign up for and manage your MyConnect account using an internet web browser. Visit to begin registration.  If you sign up via the web browser first, you can then sign into your mobile MyConnect applications without registering a second time.  Many users report it is easier to register online and then install the app.

Having trouble? Additional questions?

For more detailed information, see the user manual and sign up instructions: